Welcome To Mrs. Williams Country Kitchen

Welcome To Mrs. Williams Country Kitchen

In 1911, Florence Williams (Flossie) was making lunches for Anthracite Coal miners who worked the shafts and tunnels of the Anthracite Coal mines that honeycombed the entire length and breadth of the Wyoming Valley area of Pennsylvania.

In 2011 Toni Williams, of Mrs. Williams Country Kitchen, makes hundreds of food items consumed by thousands of Southern Californians every day.

For over 100 years the Williams family has carried on the tradition of making fine foods.

Many things have changed over the years and many things have not. Making great foods has the same requirements today as it did 100 years ago.

  • Great Ingredients are the foundation
  • Mix in careful attention to detail
  • Add a generous dose of sincere love of the craft itself
  • Do it the same way every time and you wind up with a consistently fine product